How to install led headlight bulbs?

Speaking of refitting the spot lamp, your first reaction may be to remove the lamp shell or cut the wire and then install a lens or something. In fact, you’re already OUT! It’s been the year of 9102 that you don’t need to alter the xenon lamp by installing a lens. Um, maybe you’re an antique lover! First of all, the refitting of the lens needs to disassemble the lamp shell, and the airtightness of the whole lamp assembly will be affected if the sealant is not very good. The result is that there will be often a water mist in the lamp. In addition, the installing of stabilizer to xenon lamp needs to pull down the external connection of the original circuit. However, the stability of the original circuit will be affected if any improper construction, or due to increasingly complex automotive electronic equipment, the damage to the original sophisticated electronic layout and wiring will caus hardware failures and other problems. Hence, there is a suggestion for friends who want to change the lamp that please remove as little as possible where you can.

With the development of automotive electronic technology, injury-free refitting has become a trend, including PAVEDGE lamp products, most of the LED lights have been used to directly replace the original light bulb. In this way, plug the power cord straight without cut the cord, do not need to punch holes, and there will be no damage to the original circuit.

For LED lights, it is not appropriate to use the word “refit” but “change”, because it is the same step as changing the bulb at home, that is, to remove the old bulb and change a new LED bulb. Then everything is OK, it looks bright and white! Really simple! SO EASY! From this, 80% of the vehicle types are not difficult for owners to do it themselves! For other types, there may be not enough room for construction, such as small reserved space for dustproof cover, special buckles for some light bulbs, the need for a decoder, and so on. These must be solved by professional personnel. Now let’s go into more detail.

Easy to install LED lights

Now let’s do a real vehicle installation demonstration. Taking Yishida’s latest Yuanda Series LED lamp as an example, replace the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu’s original halogen low beam light, Model H7. The installation of PAVEDGE’s newest LED lamp is incredibly simple and convenient, even for those with limited hands-on skills. You don’t have to spend any money to find a worker to install after reading the following steps.

Step 1: Remember to turn off the engine and cut off the power before installation, and if you have just finished driving, it is necessary to wait until the car cools down. Open the engine cover and you will see two dust-proof covers on both sides of the lamp, one is the high beam, the other is the low beam, so please pay attention to which light you want to change.

Step 2: After unscrewing the dust-proof cover of the low beam lamp, you will see a plug inserted in the original halogen lamp. The structure is not complex and should not be difficult to operate.

Step 3: Pull up the plug and press the original spring, which is used to fix the bulb.

Step 4: Press the spring and you can easily fetch out the original light bulb.

At this time, the original halogen lamp has been taken down. Here is a caution that please avoid touching the LED lamp bead in the process of replacing the lamp, because of the temperature and dust of our hands, touching the lamp bead will easily shorten the life of the lamp. In addition, do not remove the original light bulb immediately after use, because it is very hot and easy to burn hands.

Step 5: Separate the chuck on PAVEDGE’s LED lamp and get it stuck in the target position. Note that there is a small gap on the chuck, just well connect it, and then press the spring to fix the chuck.

Step 6: Insert the lamp into the chuck, and note again the small gap between the chuck and the lamp.

Step 7: After inserting, you need to rotate and adjust the left and right orientation of the lamp bead, that is, vertical installation, as shown in the schematic diagram below. Refer the principle to the LED lighting characteristics – “surface lighting” described in previous essays. So only in this way will the LED lamp have the correct light shape, otherwise, it cannot gather the lights! This is very important! Many owners and even installers do not understand that and mistake for the product problem, in fact, it is not properly installed. In addition, all models of PAVEDGE products are equipped with 360-degree adjustable chucks, so after the lamp is plugged in, the light shape can be adjusted freely according to the actual need.

Step 8: PAVEDGE’s latest LED lamp plug does not distinguish between positive and negative poles, so just put the plug into the lampshade. Because this LED headlamp is a built-in drive, there is no need to install an external drive. Space-saving is a big advantage of an integrated built-in drive. PAVEDGE keeps its new LED lamp small in size through advanced technology, so it is okay that you can just close the original dust cover and replace the lamp on the other side. The task is accomplished! The whole process takes only 15 minutes.

Added tips: Model H4 has three plugs with a design integrating high and low lights, so special attention should be paid to its installation. After installation, rotate and adjust to make sure that the sunshade, like small ears on the two sides, must be put on the bottom, so that’s the correct light shape! Except for Model H4, the lamp bead should be installed vertically for other models.

After changing into PAVEDGE’s LED lamp, the headlamp cover is no longer as hot as the previous halogen lamp. Before, you can feel the heat after the halogen lamp is lighted for a few minutes, but the LED lamp has a very obvious effect after installation. The above is the actual installation experience, and I believe you can easily master it.

Finally, there are two comparison diagrams.

TIPS: The original light bulbs of some vehicle models are with special buckles, so the change into LED light bulb also needs to change special buckles, mainly for German models. In addition, it is time to explain about the decoder. Because the original halogen bulb is 55W and the LED bulb with low power consumption is less than 30W, the original computer will report fault code or flash lamp alarm at startup. That’s when you have to add a decoder to eliminate it. It is mainly specific to German models (eh, why the German model again?), but rare for other models. Hence, the owner of a German model is suggested to go to the store and find a professional worker for installation. As for those with strong hands-on skills, please feel free to figure it out.

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