Canbuspro LED Main Dipped Headlight with CE RHOS EMARK Approval - 60W 8,000Lm 6K Cool White Philips LUMILEDS

More Focus Lighting, no dark sport, no flicker

    These H7 headlight bulb use Top Philips Lumileds Chips with 60W per pair. Clear 6000K Cool white light @ 8000 lms/Set without dark spots! 300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights.
  • FROM ZERO TO 6000K 
    Unlike HID lighting, which takes 6-8 seconds to shine, Motoeye LED achieves the full brightness of 6000K daylight white instantly and without delay.

Ultra lifetime & Low power consumption

  • Quick start < 0.1 seconds. Top quality aluminum 6063 material with scientific cooling design for maximum heat dissipation and maintain long life time OVER 50,000 HOURS!

  • Low power consumption. Replacement HID xenon headlight or Halogen light bulbs, make your headlight lamp cover clear, no cracks, no yellow fade.

Mini Size design

Mini size design(Height 3.07inch, lamp base diameter 1.5inch), plug and play, no drilling, no disassembling, no damage to your car, easy to installation by yourself by few steps

Canbuspro H 7 LED Main Dipped Headlight with CE RHOS EMARK Approval - 30W 4,000Lm 6K Cool White Philips LUMILEDS

  • Brighter isn’t always Better. Without the proper beam pattern, LED light can shine all over the place, resulting in a scattered light that is unfocused, spotty, and blurry.
  • A SUPERIOR LIGHT PATTERN:  Exclusive Arc-Beam lens technology – Crafted around the powerful PHILIPS LUXEON to provide the only LED headlight with the PROPER beam patterns. No dark spots, no short beams, no scattered light.

HEAT kills

PHILIPS LUMILEDS easily reach a longer life than your vehicle. Fantastic, but without proper cooling, other parts may fail first. That’s why Motoeye decided to keep it cool 

– Modular heat protection technology (MHP) ensures a maximum lifetime of 50,000 hours. 

– Cold Pressed Aluminum Heat Sink – 35% higher heat reduction

– Dual speed TurboCool fan – Spinning at 7,000rpm to deliver 5CFM of air flow (Twice the standard flow rates) 

– Advanced Bright LED board design syncs with the Driver to optimize for heat protection and consistent brightness output. Be aware of imitators

Specification Parameter
30W per lamp
4000-4500LM per lamp
Philips LUXEON MZ chip
Light Color
daylight white
aluminum & red copper
Life span
> 30000 hrs
Low/dipped beam,full/high beam,fog lights
H1, H3, H4, H7, H8/9/11, H15, 9004, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007, 5202, D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S


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