For Truck, M70 Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit-H4, Prime LED 160W 16000lm Cool White 6000K,2 Yr Warranty

Wide Voltage 8-32V

The Motoeye M70 series is the first and the ONLY led headlight bulbs for trucks and vans on the market.

High-Tech Patented Design

The Most High-Tech Led Headlight Bulbs Ever! Uniform Beam Pattern, Patented Design. BRIGHTEST BULBS. BEST BEAM PATTERN.

Brighter than 55w hid lights

Max Light Output: 16000lm per pair.It has almost the same size with halogen bulbs,+300% BRIGHTER THAN STOCK headlight, even brighter than 55w hid xenon lights.

ultra-thin heat sink

The ultra-thin heat sink improves the light utilization ( make it more focus) and solves the problem of astigmatism.So it won’t cause trouble to oncoming traffic.

Best Beam Pattern

Perfectly matches the halogen beam. An led array of Top Brand LED chips.That more closely resembles the footprint of an traditional halogen bulb for a precise beam pattern and parallel led light output.

Extremely High Brightness

Top Brands LEDs :16000LM. The single focus improves the light utilization ( make it more focus) and increases the brightness, solves the problem of astigmatism.

Motoeye Unltra Led Headlight Bulbs Top Brands LEDs

The Motoeye Lighting Ultra Series LED Headlight Bulbs are the brightest LED headlight and fog light bulbs on the market.

They have a more precise beam pattern hot spot than any others, the fit more vehicle applications better than others, and they use less wattage than others but create significantly more light!

Single Focus Light output

The Motoeye Ultra Series LED bulbs feature super high quality LED chips from the Z ES family.

This is one of the newest LED technologies on the market and allows us to create an LED array that most similarly resembles the original halogen bulb filament placed perfectly inside the headlight.

This new way of thinking about how to use LEDs in a automotive headlight, paired with our exclusive reflector technology surrounding the bulb gives the Motoeye Ultra LED the best beam patterns in the industry!

Revolutionary New LED Headlight Bulbs! The Most Hign-Tech Led Headlight Bulbs Ever!

Motoeye Unltra Led Headlight Bulbs Top Brands LEDs,16000LM Per pair ; +300% brighter than stock Brightest Bulbs. Best Beam Pattern Uniform Beam Pattern, Patented design. Won’t cause trouble to oncoming traffic.

Specification Parameter
40W per lamp
8000LM per lamp
Automotive customized chip
Light Color
daylight white
aluminum & red copper
Life span
> 30000 hrs
Low/dipped beam,full/high beam,fog lights
H1, H3, H4, H7, H8/9/11, H13, 9004, 9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9007, 9012, 5202, 880, 881, D1, D2, D3, D4


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